Energy Business Division


Becoming Niigata's number one environmental energy solutions company.

NSG Group aims to become the number one environmental energy solution company in the region by both contributing to the environment and reducing costs in order to accelerate the region's efforts to become carbon neutral.

Promoting energy and environmental projects

Becoming a key player

In preparation for the Japanese government's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, carbon neutrality initiatives are being implemented in various regions of Japan.

In this context, our division is launching projects related to energy and the environment, including hydrogen, wind power, biomass power, and solar power. We are committed to creating new businesses and solving issues for the sustainable growth of local communities.

Sale of commercial products

Sale of energy-related commercial products

The energy industry is a very large field, but there are also contributions that can be made in-house.
To assist our customers reduce their CO2 emissions, we will continue to obtain new energy-related products for corporate customers and promote the sale of products such as LED light bulbs, air conditioning controls, water-saving products, lightning rods for wind power generation, and solar PPA proposals.

Making Japan a carbon neutral advanced energy city. ​

We will contribute to making Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, and Japan carbon neutral through the promotion of energy and environmental projects and the sale of commercial products.




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  • Energy Business Division

  • Energy Business Division

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