Trading Business Division


We are a pioneer in the overseas expansion of Japanese food!

Since the early 2000s, we have been an early exporter of Japanese food products to Russia, Mongolia, and other countries in Northeast Asia. We deal not only with major manufacturers, but also with local Niigata food ingredients and unique products from all over Japan. We aim to be a specialized trading company that can be of service to everyone seeking to acquire overseas markets.

Abundant export experience in exporting food products

Contributing to the spread of Japanese food overseas

From soy sauce and seasonings to Niigata-grown Koshihikari rice, tofu and confectionery, we have been contributing to the spread of Japanese food products in Russia, Mongolia and other overseas markets.

Importing raw materials

Difficulty to obtain aquatic feed, livestock feed, etc.

With the weak yen and supply chain disruptions making it difficult to procure raw materials from overseas, we import distinctive products from Mongolia, Central Asia, Russia, and other countries that are difficult to do business with. We are building a system that can meet the needs of our customers.

    New business: trading with emerging countries

    TTargeting emerging countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    We can help you do business with countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan,where there are little track records. We have experience in importing cheese and other dairy products, berries, etc.




    • TradingBusinessDivision

    • Trading Business Division